Wolf’s House of Mystery on Charlotte Street

admitoneWhile reviewing local events I came across one for Wolf’s House of Mystery on Charlotte Street that I thought was interesting to add and felt we needed to post something about this unique spot on our website for you.

For those of you who don’t know about Wolf’s – they are just beside us on quaint little Charlotte Street right in the district, just steps over from the Agustin and near the famous La Pentola Restaurant and of course little Stogies. If  you’ve walked around there before you may have wondered what this new attraction is all about.

Bonnie Nicol St. Augustine’s former Ghost and Gravestones tour host and history teller recollects her first experience from a recent visit to this place of mystery just the other day! She had the pleasure of meeting the owner’s wife Ali who operates the museum with her husband Wolfgang of course and their daughter Justice. In amazement she writes a short summary and encourages all our visitors to check it out!

Here is what she had to say…

From the outside, Wolf’s doesn’t look out of the ordinary; it’s an old, two story wood house, sandwiched between the Hyppo and Fudge Buckets, on cobble-stoned Charlotte Street. But look closely and carved monsters fill the windows. A clown doll with an evil grin stands next to the door. Cross the porch and go inside, I swear the first thing that will strike you is how cozy Wolf’s is, despite its bizarre collection. The entry parlor is draped with red silk curtains, an animatronic, pumpkin-headed ghoul next to the door cackles as you enter. A black kitten runs up the staircase, sticks its tiny head through the banister, and swats at the edge of a Kevorkian painting leaning against the side of the stairs.

Dim lights cast a warm glow over glass cases filled with oddities; Nazi Stahlhelms sit next to cursed monkey’s paw talismans and well-endowed fertility idols.

Beyond the parlor stretches a long hall, painted in eerie carnival colors. Along the wall is a glass counter, topped and filled with taxidermy animals–including the smallest hippo in the world–sideshow relics, and collectable movie villain dolls. John Wayne Gacy’s personal bible is next to a gold, chain-wrapped S&M baby doll. At the far-end of the room a widescreen TV plays the original ‘Halloween’; underneath is a collection of antique wooden Ouija boards and Victorian-era tarot cards. A big, furry dog sleeps on his side on a throw rug.

The rest of the bottom floor is filled with African tribal masks, fertility gods and other exotic idols, wooden shaman bowls and primitive torture devices. Among the exotic treasures is a large cage, home to a fluffy, energetic chinchilla. A hand-printed sign warns, ‘Don’t touch–he bites.’

In one corner, a bespectacled taxidermy giraffe in a custom-made suit holds ‘The Art of War’ in his paws. Across from him, a framed elephant ear with the countries of Africa painted over it hangs on the wall, above a row of elephant foot stools.

Upstairs the rooms are darkly-lit, painted black and purple. At the top of the stairs is an 1800s embalming table, and a porcelain doll with real human hair. Th eyes of long-dead old ladies stair down at you from antique oil paintings, watch as you admire the collection of horror movie memorabilia and cringe at John Wayne Gacy’s signed paintings.

Just watch out for the bathroom…there is a werewolf in there!!!

This place is open year-round – not just Halloween!!

Amazing description here and detailed visit encounter very much worthy of a post. For upcoming events at Wolf’s check out this one on our event’s calendar for the Summer – https://agustininn.com/event/wolfs-house-mystery-slideshow-extravaganza/