Tour St Augustine From The Sky With Exciting Biplane Ride

One of the most-asked questions when planning a stay in St. Augustine is "Which are the best tours to take to see the most"? After all, there are so many to choose from and if you are a frequent visitor chances are you've done many of them in the historic area. 

Something different we've discovered is touring the nation's oldest city from the sky has turned out to be a pretty popular excursion! Here we want to offer details on St. Augustine's Biplane rides. Available through the end of 2015, this could be something exciting to plan!

Think of returning to the days of open cockpits and wind in the wires in this unforgettable tour of the Ancient City and its magnificent beaches! The Waco is a true time machine and the world's only currently-produced luxury 1935 Model, FAA certified biplane.  Seats two passengers side-by-side and provides a unique aerial perspective on one of America's most-historic and beautiful settings. 

Introductory flight $60 per person; Old City Tour $87 per person ($148 solo); Anastasia Island Tour $110 per person ($178 solo); Barnstormer Tour $137.50 per person ($238 solo). Turn your flight into a gorgeous sunsettour for an additional $50.  Be sure to check out their website below for reservations and more information regarding your new-found St. Augustine adventure.  

St. Augustine Biplane Rides is located at the St. Augustine Airport at 4796 U.S. Highway 1 N., St. Augustine.