St Augustine Strong and So is Agustin Inn

agustin1St. Augustine, Florida is currently the oldest continued occupied settlement in the Continental United States. That’s our city we love and many of you have come to love visiting over the years! Its a place where memories are made that’s for sure!

As you all know by now our city was recently affected by Hurricane Matthew. Storm surge and high winds gushed along our historic bay front as it approached Florida’s East Coast last week.

This powerful storm took a toll on our beaches and our entire downtown area and did some damage to many homes and businesses. Some were not lucky as their damages may require complete disaster restoration yet others were spared.

Pictures shared on the internet soon surfaced in the midst of the disaster showing some of our attractions flooded, pumpkins from the Methodist Church floating away down King Street, boats washed ashore, water and more water knee deep throughout the town. People worried that St. Augustine would never be the same!

Truth is, we’ve been here before; in fact, similar pictures surfaced of our town in the same state back in 1964 when hurricane Dora made landfall near the oldest city! Overall this one caused 280 million in damages!

#StAugustineStrong was soon the hashtag created for postings on Facebook and Twitter users alike – check it out if you already haven’t to view pictures and updates on how our city was affected and has stuck together as a community to quickly rebuild!

agustin2We are excited to say, that our turn-of-the-century inn was safe through the most recent storm despite some debris and downed trees in our courtyard and on Cuna Street. With the assistance of our kind neighbors, staff and friends, we are just about finished with our property inspection and cleanup and will be re-opening for staff, reservations and of course our check-ins for arriving guests by this Friday!

Our attractions had cleanup to do, but have overall fared well some of which are already open for visitors! The church was also able to retrieve the majority of their pumpkins for their annual sale!

As early as tomorrow trolleys will already be giving tours throughout the entire day! This will bring joy and a sense of normalcy back to the downtown area!

Several events will still go on this year that not even a hurricane could stop – pun intended! The first is our annual Nights of Lights Kickoff Night! Millions of tiny white lights will glow throughout the city the weekend prior to Thanksgiving and we are ready!

churchpumpkinShortly after this event, we have our Annual St. Augustine Bed and Breakfast Holiday Tour on the horizon! Of course get these tickets now while there’s still a chance! This event lasts two days! Half of our historic inns will be showcased on the Saturday and the other half on the Sunday between 1 and 5 p.m. Restaurants from local St. Augustine favorites will be partnered to offer up something from their menus to all tour ticket holders!