St. Augustine Features New Artist After Months of Picasso

What an exciting time in St. Augustine as we near our 450th commemoration year in 2015. Each year as we proceed brings more exciting exhibitions, events, and even Grammy-Award winning concerts that are packing the city with thousands! The Picasso Art and Arena just departed the Visitor Information Center on August the 11th after several months. This exhibit featured over 39 pieces of original Picasso Art from Malaga, Spain. Some of the work had never been seen before in the USA. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, an all-new artist’s work will be available at the same location for viewing. His name is Don Trousdell. The exhibit is named “Ordinary People”.

These oridinary people he is painting reflect those working and living in St. Augustine, Fl. throughout the city's first 50 years!

In 2015, the oldest city in America turns 450 years old. To celebrate this occasion, featured artist Don Trousdell has created a 30-piece series telling the stories of these "Ordinary People." They are craftsmen, merchants and laborers who helped St. Augustine grow.

After extensive research uncovering names, occupations and when they arrived in St. Augustine, Trousdell brings these men and women back to life with vibrant colors and graphic design.

Now open through Oct. 25th at the St. Augustine Visitors Information Center adjacent to the city’s parking garage … "Ordinary People" created by local artist Don Trousdell. 30 paintings portray the earliest settlers of St. Augustine and the lifestyles of these ordinary people have been restored through artistic renderings. Admission is FREE to see this creative work! Hours are Monday – Sunday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m each day.