St Augustine Event Lineup Includes Cherokee Demonstrations At FOY

foySt Augustine Events in September began with a 450th Birthday Celebration! If you’ve looked up St Augustine lately you most likely found numerous events for this celebratory month and year for the nation’s oldest city! Over 65,000 locals and visitors were in attendance Saturday, September the 5th for live concerts, street fests, numerous shows and a night cap of fireworks equal to an Independence Day Celebration!

Proceeding all of these festivities, a historical reenactment took place on Tuesday the actual date as if it were September 8th, 1565. This entailed a landing and discovery put on by local historians and re-enactors proceeded by a Parade of Catholic Bishops through town!

One of our many attractions that provides a great deal of historical reenactments and a picturesque view of an early settlement is the state of Florida’s oldest attraction – The Famous Fountain of Youth! Not only did their staff provide quite a day of entertainment and history re-created during the 450th weekend, but they continue to do this each week on Saturdays with their Cherokee Indian Culture Demonstrations!

Next time you visit St. Augustine and are looking for that special event this Summer to really put you back in time be sure to stop in and check out this beautiful archeological park!

Enjoy a day of demonstrations by Cherokee Native Historians at the Fountain of Youth from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m., listen and learn about how the Southeastern Cherokee nation interacted with the Timucua tribes in the area for centuries before the arrival of the Europeans. The lectures and demonstration will take place in their living history village of Seloy.

Come see our nation’s history told from a fascinating angle right here and don’t forget to drink from the famous fountain said to make you young forever!

Admission is the normal $15 Adults, $14 seniors, $9 Children 6 – 12, Under 5 free. The park is located at 11 Magnolia Avenue, St. Augustine 904- 829-3168