St Augustine 450th Commemoration Brings RUM

Discovery-Series-Rum-Photo-940x390St. Augustine 450th Commemoration Weekend is here! As you are probably aware by now, this is a special weekend to celebrate the city’s 450th birthday! The weekend has been talked about and planned for years and it has finally arrived!

The week events brings concerts, street celebrations, enormous cake cutting ceremonies, parades, fireworks and if all that wasn’t enough to take in, something else is happening! The St. Augustine Distillery – another proud sponsor of the event, announces its first time ever RUM release!

St. Augustine Distillery’s first edition rum will be released to the general public tomorrow –  Thursday, September 3rd!!     The Distillery offered a chance to pre-purchase a couple of bottles before they are sold out today. Definitely add the Distillery to your things-to-do list for this weekend with high hopes of tasting and purchasing your own signature bottle!

This is a highly limited release and they do not expect these first edition bottles to last on the shelves more than a week or so.   When you come to the gift shop, find a team member and say the secret password “1565.” They will wink and then get you a bottle (or two) from a hidden stash. Once in hand, you will be among the very first people to hold, see, taste (and/or collect) the very first rum distilled and bottled in the Nation’s Oldest City!

This limited release will be very rare and make a great addition to your spirits collection. The password commemorates the founding of St. Augustine some 450 years ago, which will be celebrated here in downtown St. Augustine next weekend. Many of the early settlers were rum fans, and we imagine you are, too!

The rum is inspired by their passion to make the finest small batch spirits using local and regional agriculture. It is the first in a four-part “Discovery Series” release that will help the production team develop and perfect our flagship rum, scheduled for release in early 2016.


St. Augustine Distillery Gift Shop  at 112 Riberia Street St. Augustine, FL Stores Hours: 10 AM. – 6 PM.  It is not necessary to take the tour in order to purchase the rum.

If you have any questions, feel free to call our office at (904) 825-4962.

The Discovery Series RUM is a group of limited release expressions, created during the development of the Distillery’s flagship rum. Each one has been fermented and distilled on-site from select regional sugarcane syrups and molasses in copper pot stills and then barrel-aged for a distinct flavor profile. Be sure to check out for more information.

From Their Website

St. Augustine Distillery is passionately committed to producing America’s finest craft spirits in the nation’s oldest city. Our spirits capture the taste and flavors of Florida and reflect the care and dedication of the people who make them. We are committed to working with local farming partners and investing in the community. We welcome you to visit our beautifully restored historic ice plant to learn more about our unique approach to making fine craft spirits.