Flagler College Named Most Beautiful Campus To Attend

Chances are if you have visited St. Augustine before you have caught a glimpse of Flagler College (formerly Hotel Ponce de Leon) built by Henry Flagler in 1886. The college is one of the city’s most beautiful buildings in the historic area. This weekend hundreds of students will move in and begin their classes. This cancels the Legacy Tours for the weekend of course as the halls and entry ways will be buzzing with activity.

Attending college here is an experience in itself. Imagine yourself studying while surrounded by all this beauty!

Cosmopolitan Magazine recently created a list of the top 30 most beautiful colleges to attend and low and behold Flagler College was #1 on the list. Link to the article here http://www.cosmopolitan.com/lifestyle/

Any other weekend besides this one and their Fall graduation weekend, Flagler College hosts their Legacy Tours every day of the week. During the Summer months tours are every hour at the top of the hour from 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and starting next weekend through the Fall tours are twice a day at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Flagler College Legacy Tours

The information below was retrieved from the Flagler College Official Website

Be sure to visit the website for even more historical facts and information on the history of the building. Details on enrollment are found here as well.

Historic Tours of Flagler College highlight the architectural heritage of the former Hotel Ponce de Leon, listed as a National Historic Landmark. Built by railroad magnate, Henry M. Flagler in 1888, the Ponce is considered one of the finest examples of Spanish Renaissance architecture. This was also one of the most exclusive resorts of its day.
Guests will begin their tour by exploring the courtyard while learning of the hotel’s Spanish Renaissance architecture and of the techniques and innovations used to construct Henry Flagler’s vision. Next is the grand lobby where they will stare up into a 68-foot domed ceiling supported by eight ornate oak caryatids hand carved with robed women, each slightly different from the next.

The guest will move on to the dining room where 79 Louis Comfort Tiffany Stained Glass windows stream light onto the beautiful hand painted murals on the walls and ceiling. Finally, they will visit the Flagler Room, formerly the Women’s Grand Parlor, where they will gaze upon hand crafted Austrian crystal chandeliers, a clock containing the largest piece of intact white onyx in the western hemisphere, original hotel furniture and art, as well as personal photos and mementos from Henry Flagler and his family.

Flagler College is located right in the heart of St. Augustine’s historic district and just steps away from the Agustin Inn. In all fairness, the Flagler College Legacy Tour is one of our most recommended things to do in St. Augustine! Be sure to add the tour to list when planning a stay with us!