Flager College Listed in the Top 100 Most Beautiful Campuses

It surely seems as though the city of St. Augustine is always listed in a "top" list somewhere when it comes to beauty and travel destinations. It definitely comes as no surprise to us that a college site picked 100 beautiful college campuses in the U.S. and our very own Flagler College made the cut! 

Listed #51 out of 100 prestige colleges and universities, the article really supported our bragging rights! The college is not only gorgeous, but it is a well-known location when it comes to the history of our 449 year old city! 

If you have not had the chance to explore the courtyard and peek inside the main rotunda, you must do so! The college even offers guided tours and historical facts twice a day at 10 am and 2 pm, no reservation required! 

A Little History on the Four-Year Liberal Arts School 

Flagler College’s magnificent Ponce de León Hall is the architectural nexus of the St. Augustine, Florida-based school. Originally a luxury hotel, opened in 1888, the Spanish Renaissance Revival edifice – replete with sumptuous Tiffany crystal chandeliers and stained-glass windows – is spectacular both inside and out. New York-based architects Carrère and Hastings were responsible for the design of the building, which was the first of note in the U.S. to be made of “poured-in-place concrete.”

The property was acquired by Flagler College shortly after the academic institution’s establishment in 1968. When it first opened the college was stictly all-women students, now it welcomes both women and men of course. In the intervening period, much of the historic 19-acre campus has been gradually restored. The result as stated by Best College Review's site: "Flagler is a truly grand looking place at which to study". 

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