Experience The Castillo de San Marcos After Dark

imagesQKG270QWExperience Castillo de San Marcos after dark in this special, after-hours event commemorating African American heritage through the eyes of a Freedom Seeker escaping to St. Augustine and Fort Mose. Tours for this special ticketed event take place at on the half hour from 6 – 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children 15 and under. They can be purchased two weeks in advance at the Castillo or by calling 904-829-6506 ext. 232.

The Castillo de San Marcos is one of St. Augustine’s most visited attractions by day.  Managed by the National Park Service, the Castillo (otherwise known as the St. Augustine Fort) was constructed between 1672-1695 and is currently the oldest masonry fort in the continental USA.

The St. Augustine Fort is the heaviest ticketed site in the historic area. Located in the heart of the district, the Fort is the site of many photographs for special occasions as it is one beautiful structure built from everlasting coquina rock.

Have you ever visited St. Augustine in your younger days on a school trip? If so, this is surely the first stop you made. The history here is extremely rich. Park Rangers are on-site to give you a whirlwind of information. Cannon firings happen here on the weekends every hour!

Never taken in battle, the Castillo is the site of war and imprisonment as well. Ask the locals and they’re liable to tell you its seriously haunted! Walking ghost tours around the area stroll slowly past and some even dare to wonder on the spacious outer edge! If you dare to join this type of excursion during your St. Augustine visit, do ask our innkeepers for more information and assistance with reserving your tours.