El Galeon Ship Leaves St Augustine Marina Today after Two Month Visit

El Galéon, the amazing Spanish replica ship which has been a fixture along our bayfront since May 21st set sail early this morning July 22nd bound for New York City.

The beautiful ship arrived in St. Augustine for the 500th year commemoration of Ponce de Leon’s landing and discovery of La Florida in 1513.  What was planned as a short stay ended up lasting two months. The ship offered visitation daily and thousands have walked aboard since its arrival.

From New York, El Galéon will sail to San Juan Puerto Rico for a film project, and then, if everything goes as planned for the home port proposal mentioned in an earlier article, the ship would return to St. Augustine at the end of the year or the beginning of next year, dock at the Municipal Marina and accept visitors once again.

The City of St. Augustine voted on June 24 to reach an agreement with Fundacion Nao Victoria, the group which owns El Galeón, to keep the ship in port as a semi-permanent resident. It is not apparent whether or not this has passed but a recent statement from Dana St. Claire, director of St. Augustine’s 450th commemoration reveals that it has.

According to St. Claire, “St. Augustine will serve as the North American home port” for the El Galeon and other ships of Fundacion Nao Victoria.

Residents and visitors are excited about seeing this massive 16th century replica ship become a part of St. Augustine’s historic scenery. If you did not get a chance to visit the El Galeon while she was here, stay posted for another article stating its return.

Check out the amazing video contributed by the St. Augustine Record of the El Galeon’s departure from St. Augustine this morning.