The Best Reviews Are In! Agustin Inn Named the Best Bed & Breakfast In St. Augustine

At the Agustin Inn we take special pride in our reviews. We realize just how important they are for choosing the right place, and the perfect experience. Our latest reviews have really blown us away, and we want to share them with you. Straight from the hearts of our guests, to our blog, here they are for your reading pleasure. Please keep in mind that we have made absolutely no edits. These words are truly indicative of our guests’ cherished experiences. Enjoy! 

Don’t Take it From Us. Take it From Our Wonderful Guests!

Best Stay Ever in St. Augustine

“My wife and I have been coming to St. Augustine every couple years since we honeymooned there 24 years ago. This stay, at Agustin Inn, was by far the best time we have had yet. First the location is absolutely perfect. You are in walking distance of just about anywhere you want to go. Plenty of restaurants, bars, live music, and dessert shops all around. Second, every member of the staff was friendly and helpful. The room was very clean, super comfortable bed, and a Nespresso machine! Breakfast is provided, along with champagne at 4pm. We will definitely return!”

– Adam M., March 2020 

Always Exceeds Expectations

“My husband and I have lost count of how many times we’ve stayed at the Agustin Inn now but we know when visiting St Augustine there is nowhere else we will ever stay. From the moment you arrive you are greeted with friendly faces ready to make your stay as wonderful as possible, including hauling my luggage up the two flights of stairs! There’s always tea, coffee and snacks available and some nights they have complimentary champagne which is always a good way to start an evening! The rooms are cozy and have everything you need. We love to get a balcony room so we can enjoy our evening drinks and listen to the music from the bands playing at the venue next door. They provide ear plugs if you don’t want to hear it but the music doesn’t go late and it’s always enjoyable. The breakfast at the Agustin Inn deserves a review written just about that. It’s always amazing. The first morning was a carrot cake crumble to start (Mmm) and then Eggs Benedict perfectly poached. The second morning we had a strawberry smoothie to start and stuffed French toast w bacon. I don’t usually eat breakfast but at the Agustin Inn there’s no way you can deny yourself the amazing food. We are so glad we found this perfect B&B in such a central location. You walk out and you’re in the middle of it all, shops, restaurants and bars as well as the historical district. We’ll never stay anywhere else!”

– Erica F., February 2020 

First Class Customer Service!

“We stayed at the Agustin Inn along with some friends and had the most wonderful time. The staff is so friendly and eager to help with anything to make your stay more relaxing. The breakfast food is delicious and they accommodate different dietary restrictions without batting an eye. We went out to get some beer to enjoy on the patio and Dirk brought us a large ice bucket so we could sit back and relax. We will definitely stay at the Agustin Inn when we eventually return to St Augustine.”

– Candi, October 2019

The Kindest Inn

“It’s an easy drive up the coast from the international airport at Orlando – past the space centre, the crowds and sounds of Daytona Beach, and out to the old Florida highway that runs along the sea.

As you enter Saint Augustine you leave Florida far behind in many ways. The sun still shines. The warmth still feels good on your skin. But the air kind of clears, each breath takes on and little more meaning and weight, and you travel back in time. This town was founded in 1565 by the most famous of Spanish explorers searching for a new world and a palace in the sun – a fountain of youth. They found it here.

Forget everything you thought you knew about Florida past, present, or future. Picture a little Spanish town. A citadel. A walled village surrounded by verdant swamps and the sea. Narrow cobblestone streets are canopied by live oaks decorated with Spanish moss. These are streets for people not cars. They’re lined with ancient shops, lodgings and places for food and music of every type. People live here. It’s not a tourist trap. It’s a place people take care of and love. It’s been true for centuries. The buildings are built with concrete made from a magic mix of pretty stones and sea-shells.

It’s as beautiful as it sounds, but not fleeting as beauty often is. Walk these streets today in the days of your youth. Fall in love. Then return in the late seasons of your life for a final moment in the sun and everything will be exactly as it was then. That’s the fountain of youth.

At the center of it all is the Agustin Inn.

What is luxury? Luxury is anything that feels special. It’s an experience, a view of life, a touch of wood. It puts a special burn into sunsets and makes a warm sea breeze smell even better. Luxury combines life in surprising ways. In the spring it’s the smell of dirt and diamond rings. It’s the sound of laughter and love songs. It’s an ancient endless summer centuries long. It’s a baby sleeping in the shade of the oldest oak tree in America. Luxury makes life like a dream. You can dream here.

I feel like I have a secret to share. Like the first person to taste coffee, or to smell gardenias. Off the path of the Florida highway you can find luxury in its purest form at the Agustin Inn – the living heart of Saint Augustine. There are sugar cookies waiting. Big soft beds. A vine covered courtyard. And just beyond, all the charms of the town. Taste the wholesome fresh fruit of this town through days wandering the mysteries of history that lie here for anyone to explore.

If I had to describe the Inn in a word it would … kind. The people, the place, the wide verandas and big beds. Kind. The whole experience is kind to the soul, the heart, the feet and stomach. For anyone looking for relief from the world, you can find the kind of peace and order that eases the mind here, caught out of time, in this little Inn at the heart of America’s history.” 

–  J. W. Chisolm, April 2016 

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