Agustin Inn Bed and Breakfast Featuring Seven All-New Walking Tour Packages

We are proud to announce a recent partnership with St. Augustine Historic Walking Tours – an exclusive company featuring a variety of smaller-group tours in the nation’s oldest city. Here is just some of what we are now offering to our guests in addition to our classic romance packages and menu of tour options –

Historic Pub Tour – Join in the fun as your group visits 4 of St. Augustine’s hidden pubs and taverns. Your tour will take you only where the locals like to go. Many of these places you would not easily find on your own. Your tour will include one beer, wine, sangria, soft drink, or coffee at each and every stop. Take advantage of the opportunity to also learn the history of each location you go to as well as some fun St. Augustine history that you may not hear on any other tour. This tour and all of the following are limited to a small group of people so it’s a better experience for the guest.

Tour Times: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 5pm.

Pirate Pub Crawl – Join a local pirate guide as they tell ye the tales of Pirates and pirate history in St. Augustine. You'll also learn about the weapons of the time and other pirate secrets.Be nice to your guide and she may reward you with a sea shanty or two. Ye tour will include a welcome domestic draft beer and discounts at the pubs, bars and taverns that we visit. A great night out with your mates!

Tour Times: 2.5 hour tour 7pm only on Friday and Saturday nights

Spirits with Spirits Paranormal Pub Tour – Are you more interested in the Ghosts of St. Augustine? If so, you'll love our Spirits with Spirits Tour. This tour will include a welcome domestic draft beer and discounts at the pubs, bars and taverns that you visit. Many of the bars, taverns and other locales that you’ll be visiting have had overnight, paranormal investigations done. This tour is sure to give you the findings of these investigations as the group looks for their very own personal encounters at each stop along the way. Be sure to bring your cameras as you never know who you'll be drinking with in St. Augustine!

Tour Times: 2.5 hours Mon, Wed, Friday, and Saturday at 8pm

St. Augustine Beer Experience – This tour is all about the beer! Consider this more of a Beer 101 than anything. At the first stop you'll be met by a local brewer who will give you a brief explanation about how beer is brewed and what goes into the brewing process. The tastes that you have here will be explained so that you understand what you are tasting in each beer. The next stop will give you tastes of some of the beers brewed locally and in surrounding areas. Next are beers from around the world and finally you will be given a few tastes of craft beers from around the US. The first two stops will also include an appetizer sized food pairing. You also receive a souvenir beer tasting glass to take home with you.Yourtour will include 16-19 beer tastings that include local, import, craft and micro brews. Two of the stops will provide appetizer size food pairings.

Tour Times: Wed, Friday, and Saturday at 5pm


St. Augustine Food Tour – Join in on a unique and memorable experience of delicious tastings throughout the historic district of St. Augustine. Each of these tours goes to different restaurants, so each day is a very different experience. You'll learn the history of St. Augustine as it pertains to the types of food that you'll sample. You'll also learn about how different foods made it to the new world with the explorers that came to St. Augustine. The tour will take you to 5 restaurants and include some fun culinary surprise stops as well for as many as 8 or 9 stops on our tour. Your tour includes all tastings, tips to the servers, water at the start of your tour and a packet with menus or business cards from every stop.

Tour Times: 2.5 hour tour at 1:30 pm Mon, Wed, Thurs, Friday, and Saturday


Pirates Plunder & Parlay – St. Augustine was a favorite plundering place to many a pirate. On this 90 minute tour you are recruited by Captain Anne Bonny to become pirates & pillage the historic town of St. Augustine. On this tour you are taken on a Pirate raid on the historic town of St. Augustine. Learn how pirates would have invaded 17th century St. Augustine & then got away with their booty! See real weapons used by pirates in the 1600's. You'll find out what the towns people would have done and how they protected their homes. You will also get to do a little plundering along the way.
Tour Times: Saturday and Sunday at 4:30pm


St. Augustine Ghosts & Legends – There are many ghost stories and legends about our ancient city.
On this unique tour you’ll learn the true history of each stop and the reason why there may be a legend or ghost story for that place. Then the guides tell you that story! History can be a very scary thing!

Tour Times: Friday and Saturday at 8pm

Call the inn directly for more information on each of these tours and we will set you up with a reservation before you even arrive! We look forward to this unique partnership and the ability to offer such a variety of tours to our guests. We find there are so many things to explore in the oldest city and sometimes a tour is the best way to go. You are likely here for fun and thats just what these are all about!

A listing of these tour options can also be found at the inn upon check-in; however, because the tours are limited to smaller groups, we recommend reserving them ahead. 

Pricing – 

Historic Pub Tour – 39.00

Pirate Pub Crawl – 17.00

Spirits With Spirits Paranormal – 17.00

St. Augustine Food Tour – 49.00

St. Augustine Beer Experience – 56.00

Pirates Plunder & Parlay – 15.00

St. Augustine's Ghosts and Legends – 15.00